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CodePi is the simplest and fastest way to automatically fill-in your credentials for websites. With the click of a single button you connect your personal device a computer. CodePi requires no accounts to be created and thus works fast and easily with all computers.

To connect your computer with a mobile phone all you need to do is install a web plug-in,[url] on your browser of preference, that runs automatically on the background.

Your favorite websites

Once you have established a connection between your personal device and computer, every time you wish to access a website requiring credentials, CodePi automatically fills in your personal information on the browser.

All your passwords in one place

CodePi ensures maximum security by storing all your passwords locally within your phone. Users are also able to manage their account details and enable Pi-Protection(url) for all sensitive accounts.

  • Automated Categories
  • Pi Protection Ability
  • Password Management

Supported Websites


Nassos Vasileiou


Athanasios Vasileiou is a finance graduate from Bocconi University of Milan. His studies varied from financial economics and business planning to marketing and entrepreneurship. Throughout his work experience he has participated in the business establishment of a startup company while also at the further expansion of well-established companies. Athanasios was responsible for the creation and management of CodePi's business plan and financial needs.

Haris Ioannou


Haris is a 21 year old Electrical and Software Engineering student at National Technical University of Athens. He has been awarded as one of the 5 global finalists in his age category, of Google’s global science competition-"Google Science Fair 2013", with his invention, a movement enhancing glove to help people with upper hand disabilities. Since joining college he is also a co-founder and researcher in machine learning at Bioassist, a company focusing advanced technology homecare services for elderly and chronic patients He designed and implemented the core CodePi architecture, including the Android app, Chrome plug-in, database and server systems.