1 How do I download the CodePi application onto my phone?

The CodePi application is created for both Android and iOS devices. The application can be found in the following links, or else by searching in the applications store on your device. The CodePi application can also be accessed through our website http://www.codepi.co which can be accessed through both mobile phones and computers.

2 What is different with CodePi?

CodePi is a new way of password management. Unlike other similar applications, CodePi is unique for each device. Since users are not required to create accounts, each CodePi application is bound to that specific device. All your passwords are stored locally within your phone and can only be accessed through that specific device, to ensure maximum security for our users.

3 Where are my passwords stored?

CodePi stores all of your passwords, locally within your personal device. All of your passwords are encrypted and locally saved within your device’s hard disk. By doing so, we make each CodePi application unique for each user and ensure that a relationship of trust is built between you and your CodePi application.

4 Is storing my passwords locally safer?

Think of it this way. By saving all of your passwords on a server, intruders are able to collectively have access to millions of account details, by accessing one simple server. However, by saving your passwords locally within your phone, intruders are required to enter a million devices for a million accounts. In addition, your passwords are encrypted within your phone by CodePi, and also further protected by the security provided by the company of your personal device.

5 What is the plugin and do I need it?

The plugin works in cooperation with CodePi mobile application which is available for download for both iOS and Android devices. This plugin serves as a background contact between your personal device and browser. It allows the app to know which website you are on, so our app can push the account details almost instantly, relieving you from the burden of having to continuously type your passwords, and thus making you focus more on the experience each website has to offer.

The plugin is mandatory for the application to work.

6 How do I download and enable the CodePi plugin to my Chrome browser?

The plugin can be found and downloaded on your browser in the following url: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/codepi/bdcomdcbccgfaillddhkhcijegkiegah?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog

After you have downloaded the plugin, you are done. The plugin will run automatically on the back of your browser and will do all the work for you.

7 Why I cannot log-in to Code-Pi from another mobile device, with the same e-mail?

This feature is not offered in CodePi for your own personal security. Each CodePi application is personal for each device. Consequently, we are not yet able to support this feature without exposing your account details to external threats.

8 How to set my e-mail address to the CodePi mobile application?

When you first access CodePi on your personal device, we require for your safety to add your email address. Your e-mail address is used to bind the application to that specific device, since no accounts are being created. In addition, in case you break or lose your phone your email address will allow you to block all access from your phone.

9 How to change my email address I have given to the CodePi application?

This can be simply done from inside our application. By clicking on the top right corner of our application your access the settings menu. From inside there you just tap on “Change my email address” and you insert a new email address you want to use. A confirmation email is sent to your previous email and you are ready.

10 Why do I have to set a unique device name during installation of the CodePi mobile application?

When first accessing the mobile application, Codepi requires from you to enter a device name of your favor. This is device name is simply used when pairing a device with a browser. During the search devices appear by the name selected during installation, in order to simplify and speed-up the process.

11 How do I change the unique device name I had selected during installation of the CodePi mobile application?

This can be simply done from inside our application. By clicking on the top right corner of our application you access the settings menu. From inside there you just tap on “Change my device’s name” and you insert a new device name of your choice.

12 How do I connect your mobile device with a browser?

Firstly, both devices must have the mobile application and web plugin installed accordingly. Moreover, both devices must be working under the same network. Once you have ensured that this is the case you just tap the CodePi button inside your application and a pop-up screen of available devices in your network appears. You then just have to click on the web device of your preference and you are now connected. From there on your devices will remain connected and credentials will be automatically transferred across devices.

13 How do I save a credential from a site to CodePi mobile application?

This step is done automatically from your web browser’s plugin. Once you have paired your mobile phone with your browser the plugin checks which website’s account details are stored within your phone. Whenever you access a website using credentials that are not stored on your CodePi application the plugin pops-up and asks whether or not you wish to store those credentials on your phone. Once you have accepted the next time you wish to access that website your account details will be automatically filled-in.

14 How do I login to a website using the CodePi mobile application and CodePi plugin?

Once you have connected your personal device with a computer browser there are not much left to be done. Whenever you access a website requiring your credentials CodePi will send you a notification on your phone. By swiping the notification, CodePi launches and pushes the information required to your browser and you are instantly logged in to your account. Alternatively, by opening the CodePi application on your phone and pressing the CodePi button the data is sent to your browser and again you are instantly logged in to your account.

15 Why can I not see any available devices?

If this is the case, you have to make sure you have done all three of the following cases. Firstly, both your personal device and computer have to be in the same network. We do not offer 3g connections for security reasons. Secondly, the web plugin must be installed on the browser of the computer. Lastly, if you have done all of the above and still are not able to find any available devices, try closing the application completely and retrying again.

16 How do I see the saved credentials in the CodePi mobile application?

This can be done through the “Manage” tab on your CodePi application. By clicking on the “Manage” tab on CodePi, a list of all stored and available credentials appears. CodePi makes your life easier by also automatically sorting out your account into different sections, allowing faster search of your credentials.

17 How can I see the username and password of an account in the CodePi mobile application?

By clicking in the “Manage” tab on CodePi and then clicking on a particular website you enter into a new screen. From that screen you are able to see your account credentials by clicking on “Show Credentials”. In addition, you are able to delete an account through that page.

18 Which sites are currently supported by CodePi?

A list of available sites can be found here: http://www.codepi.co/websites.
We are constantly working on adding additional websites every day. Please do not hesitate to contact us about adding an additional website here: support@codepi.co

19 What is Pi Protection and how can I use it?

Pi Protection is extra step of security created by CodePi. Pi Protection can be enabled for each account credentials individually. By selecting a specific website from the “Manage” tab and then enabling Pi Protection, you are now requiring authentication in the form of a passcode or Finger ID before allowing CodePi to push your account details on your browser.

In addition, CodePi automatically enables Pi Protection on websites that it considers sensitive. (i.e. banking). As a result, if you store account credentials for an e-banking account in CodePi, it will require from you to enter a passcode of your choice or allow finger ID, to ensure maximum security for your account.

20 What is Online Backup and how can I use them?

Online Backup is a feature enabled for our Premium users. By activating your premium account for €10.99 per year, we offer you the ability to store your passwords on our private servers. Your passwords are encrypted from CodePi using a password of your choice and we ensure maximum security by further encoding them on our servers. In addition, premium users are able to restore their passwords in case of a broken or lost phone, on a new device and are able to use the same account in multiple devices.

21 How can I sync my CodePi credentials with my other personal devices?

This is a feature offered from premium users exclusively. Only with €10.99 per year, you are able to transfer your personal credentials across all your devices. In addition, we allow you to store your passwords on our servers.

22 How do I block my mobile device and save my data in case I lost my phone or it has been stolen?

If you have lost your phone, please click on the following link to block outgoing connections from your CodePi application: http://codepi.co/lostmyphone. Once you have completed the previous step, if you are premium user you are able to restore your account credentials on your new phone, by going on the settings menu, in your CodePi application, and from there click on “Restore my Account”. You will be required to enter a password, which was set when you first enabled your premium account.

23 How to invite other users to CodePi?

You are able to share the excitement and freedom offered by our application with your friends in several different ways. Our social pages are there for you to share. In addition, through the CodePi application, you are able to send a download link through email to any of your friends. Thank you for using CodePi.